About us

Mäntsälä's unique party venue

Founded in 2011, Ruustinnan Kammari OY is a company offering venues for accommodation, meetings, and banquets on Mäntsälä's historical Church hill.

In the past the main building has served as an inn, a bakery, a café, and a prayer room. The oldest parts of the property (timber hall) were built during the 1700-1800s and were extended in the 1920s. This is how the property has come to be in its current state.

The current appearance and modified interior construction were completed in 2010-2011 during a renovation. You can view the restoration photos here!

In 2012, the rebuilt exterior building in the yard was named 'Pehtoorin Tupa' (Inspector's hut). A gazebo with extensive terraces was built on top of the hill near the Inspector's Hut.

Central location, nearby amenities

Ruustinnan Kammari is located right at the heart of Mäntsälä and is surrounded by all the amenities and activities found in the city centre. Services found in the Mäntsälä city centre include the church, health centre, chemist, ice rink, sports hall, football field, dancing stage, many restaurants and pizzerias, the bus station and the railway station.

Overnight accommodation available in Mäntsälä

Ruustinnan Kammari Oy premises currently contain a total of 32 beds.

There are seven cosy 2-3 person rooms on the second floor of the main building, five of which have their own toilet / shower facilities. Two of the rooms share a common toilet/ shower in the upstairs lobby.

Each room is equipped with a TV, refrigerator and a Wi-Fi connection, in addition to the kitchenette in the lobby where there is a microwave and electric kettle and coffee machine for customer use.

In the Inspector's Hut there are two detached rooms equipped with showers, separate entrances, terraces for cooling off, a sauna, and an equipped kitchenette. The premises are built on two floors with a total area of 58 m2. Overnight guest capacity is max.10 people. The premises include a TV, refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave and Wi-Fi connection.

Log hall, sauna and conference facilities

The hall has 49 seats, while the cabinet facilities seat 10-15 people.
The sauna fits 6 people at a time.
The hall has TV / DVD and karaoke equipment.
The cabinet has a video projector and Blue-Ray player.

All the facilities are available for booking from Monday to Sunday.

Catering /food-to-order available by agreement. Additionally customers can bring their own refreshments. 


Reservations are accepted by phone from Monday to Friday from at 0440 100 659
Ruustinnan Kammari warmly welcomes you to come stay and enjoy
Ava Kontiainen & Simopekka Salminen