Ruustinna’s Kammari - Mäntsälä's unique venue 

The Ruustinnan Kammari offers a unique venue in their historic premises, where the spirit and beauty of their time have been preserved. In addition to the festivities, we offer accommodation for short and long stays.

Ruustinna’s Kammari Ltd was founded in 2011. Mäntsälä’s Kirkonmäki is a favourite destination for events of all kind.  

The history of the place

The oldest parts of the holiday estate (log saloon) were built in the 17th and 18th centuries and the property was expanded in the 1920’s. Thus, the real estate got its current profile.

During the history of the main building has worked as a guest house, bakery/cafe and prayer room. 

The current outlook and modified interior of the building were completed the 2010-2011 restoration.

You can watch the series of the restoration images here!

In 2012, the reconstructed building on the yard was named as Pehtoori’s Tupa
In the immediate vicinity of Pehtoori’s Tupa, a summerhouse has been completed on top of the hill with its large terraces.

Kindly welcome to Ruustinna’s Kammari!

- Ava Kontiainen & Simopekka Salminen